Friday, September 23, 2016

Sunset Boulevard

Ellen didn't notice the rare, beautiful sunset over The Victorian. Instead she was running down the list of overdue rents. "Anthony Moretti...I knew he's a mobster." She thought. 

"Barnabas..Jackie--I can't even say his last name without smirking...Masie what" She coughed and reached for her coffee, "kind of person would name their child that?" 

"Sophie Stone...Annabell... Aliteration-- parents with little imagination apparently... and then there's Fabio. Holy cow" 
She thought in her little mean ways and her little mean thoughts. And she kept listing in her mind who she would need to call the police to inevitably evict. 

"Laurel Ilsteson...Rick Flame--oh I'll light a fire under his butt...Wren Dillan, there will soon be a bird's nest in that place if  my heart is still beating."  

But the problem was that it wasn't really beating.  It sat in her chest like a cold, cracked stone. She looked up as the delivery man came in with a small fish bowl.  

"Delivery for apartment #7," He said. Ellen looked at the beautiful, small fish flickering in the evening light. Then suddenly all went dark. 

"Harvey!" She shouted.

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